In an increasingly digitized and global market, not having a correct presence on the internet gives companies a great disadvantage not only in the face of competitors, but in the face of consumers who are increasingly demanding and digitized.

For this reason, today we want to talk about the importance of having a corporate blog on the website that allows the positioning and recognition of a company.

One of the advantages of a blog within a corporate website is that it generates traffic to it, it is a tool that allows users to generate added value by improving the experience that consumers have on the website, but it is also a tool important when working on SEO positioning of the company.

A well-worked blog, with a defined strategy and a good study of keywords, will attract qualified traffic to the website and therefore the probability of attracting new customers will be enhanced.

When we talk about improving the user experience, we refer to getting them to “get hooked” on articles and to be browsing the web page longer, this “hook” is what will help us for SEO positioning since it will be the tool through which we can generate the content that Google likes so much.

And if Google likes us, it collaborates by uploading positions in its search engine, we can achieve this:

Generating content dynamically.
Creating quality content.
Nurturing the company’s social networks with relevant content and, therefore, generating traffic to our page.
Getting links from other pages or networks.
Finally, the objective of any brand or company that works a corporate blog is to get the highest number of visits and increase its reputation, but behind this, the main objective is to convert visits into leads (those users who show interest in the company and leave their contact details to receive more information), in short, users who will possibly become future buyers.




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