In a world as changing as the “digital” it is essential to know what Google Analytics is for, we have to learn what it is for since it is a fundamental tool that we must use to know the impact of the digital marketing strategies that we have designed, it is useful Also as a 24-hour “watcher” who controls everything that happens on our website.

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that makes Google available to us completely free of charge, providing us with data and reports on everything that happens: visitors, unique users, conversions, session length, how they got to our website, etc.

With this information it is possible to make the best decisions on what aspects to change or what new things to implement to achieve the objectives of the digital strategy.

Google Analytics reports

4 large groups of reports can be identified:

Audience Report
Acquisition Report
Behavior Report
Conversion Report
But perhaps you are wondering, what is this for in my strategy and my business? In principle, this is nothing more than data and, above all, data that you can lose yourself in, and that will be useless if we do not do a rigorous analysis of them and misinterpret them.

To be able to decipher and understand them you will have to learn much more about analytics, or work with experts in the field (well, as we do) who know their functions, tricks and where to find interesting data, in order to:

Get to know our users better:

Know what they like and what they don’t.

Its geographical origin

Device used: Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

How they found us on the net.

Where do they go from our website.

What they like and what they do not offer.

And in this way, to really know what is happening, how my clients are acting on the website or if we are reaching the set objectives and if not, optimize resources accordingly.

If when you enter Google Analytics you only see data, data and more data, mixed with graphs, numbers and percentages that you do not know where they come from or what they mean; DIGITAL MARKETING USA can guide you in the best way.




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